There are several health advantages to having a healthy set of teeth. Even if you don’t think you need Invisalign because your teeth look great on the surface, you never really know for sure.

Here are five practical reasons you might want to consider Invisalign.

1) Achieve the Perfect Bite

One thing you can never achieve with dental braces is the perfect bite. Many patients wearing traditional braces are never able to attain the ideal bite that they are striving for. Sometimes the only way to fix this is to break the teeth. It is a very invasive process. This can cause teeth to chip or become weakened.

With custom-made aligners, the Invisalign system can streamline teeth and soften any areas of the mouth that might prove to be problematic.

2) Improves Positioning of Your Jaws

One of the biggest issues facing many people wearing traditional braces is that their jaws are not positioned correctly.

As the teeth begin to shift with the help of the braces, there is a chance that the jaw might not move along with the teeth. This makes it harder to accomplish the ideal bite.

With Invisalign, your jaw will move in sync with your teeth. This will improve the overall bite and the comfort level of your teeth.

3) Helps With Digestion

If you have ever had major dental work done to your mouth, you may have noticed your digestion slowing down. This is because the teeth and their surrounding muscles play a major role in what we eat and how we digest it.

When you have teeth that are not properly aligned, the muscles that are designed to chew and digest food properly won’t work in sync with the teeth. This can lead to major digestive issues that you don’t want to have to deal with.

4) Lessens Food Impaction

Your teeth play a major role in the way you eat. If you don’t have teeth that are properly aligned, then the consistency of the food you eat might be compromised. This can lead to food impaction.

Food impaction is when food gets trapped between your teeth. If you don’t have your teeth perfectly aligned, then you can easily have food impaction. It is not only uncomfortable, but it can also lead to infection.

5) Improves Your Speech

The way your teeth come together can impact the way you talk and enunciate certain words. For example, if your top teeth are worn down, or you have a gap between your teeth, it can lead to a lisp or other speech impediments.

If you start using Invisalign to slowly shift your teeth into the proper position, then you can improve your speech and your comfort level.


As you can see, there are several reasons to get Invisalign. It isn’t just for cosmetic reasons. It is a great alternative to traditional dental braces. Whether you are interested in cosmetic reasons or not, Invisalign is worth the investment.

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