Periodontal Splinting

Weak Teeth (Periodontal Splinting)

If you have been dealing with a loose tooth in your mouth for any length of time you know how uncomfortable it can be to try and chew. There is nothing much worse then feeling your tooth pull away from your gum line. It can be so frustrating as you wait for your tooth to simply become loose enough for an easy extraction or to destabilize.

There are many reasons why you can be trapped into dealing with a loosened tooth. Maybe you had an injury to that tooth or maybe you are experiencing problems with deteriorating gum tissue? Whatever the cause for your loosened tooth we have a solution to make life much easier. The weakened tooth is essentially bonded to a stronger neighboring tooth through a procedure known as periodontal splinting. Many people prefer this procedure when they are dealing with a weakened front tooth.

Living with weak, loose teeth is a cosmetic and functional problem you don’t have to accept. We can use composite material to bond your loose tooth to a stable tooth through the simple periodontal splinting process. Using adjoining teeth for stabilization is quite common and very effective. If you are tired of dealing with weak teeth come and see us today for your consultation. There are some things in life that are hard to fix but, fortunately, weak teeth is not a hard fix.