Periodontal (gum) disease

Gum Disease

You may have heard of gingivitis, which is the state you teeth are in when hardened tartar builds up on your teeth and weakens your gums. When plaque builds up on your teeth it attracts bacteria, which often leads to an infection in the gums. Once your gums are infected you have moved from gingivitis to full blown periodontal disease. The dangers associated with periodontal disease include gum tissue destruction as well as surrounding bone deterioration. This can cause your teeth to fall out because they can no longer be held into place. The fact is that it can be hard to determine if you are dealing with gingivitis or periodontal disease because in either case your gums will bleed and you will experience halitosis. The insidious nature of this disease can literally cause the loss of teeth before you even recognize the fact that you have gum disease.

There are several well researched health risks associated with periodontal disease, beyond losing teeth. For example, there is an increased risk during pregnancy since any infection your body fights means that you have an overall weakened immunity. There is also a proven correlation between periodontal disease and increased risk for diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

We want you to know that there is no need to fear a painful treatment for this condition. Painful surgery used to be the only option for patients dealing with gum disease. Today there have been major improvements in the treatments offered for patients with this problem. Contact our support team for details on how to approach your periodontal disease today.