Dr. Joseph M. Larsen, DMD



There are several reasons why you may be in need of a dental crown. Teeth become weakened over your lifespan and can crack. You may also have problems with tooth decay or maybe your teeth just need a cosmetic improvement due to discoloration. If you need a crown to protect your tooth this means that it requires more than what can be done with cosmetic bonding or treatment with fillings.

You can choose the type of material you would prefer to use for your crown. Some people like to choose a solid gold option. Many people prefer the more natural look of porcelain. You can discuss your preference with your dentist to make the choice that is best for the finished look that you want.

Having a crown placed is a process that will require a few separate trips to the dentist office. During your initial visit the tooth requiring the crown will need to be filed down and reshaped. The enamel filing will not be comfortable so you will be given a local anesthetic. Once the tooth has been shaped and prepared for the eventual crown placement a mold is completed for the affected tooth. The mold will also include the teeth that are close to the one being crowned. Once the mold is precise and complete we send it off to a dental lab to manufacture your custom made crown. The crown will be created in a way that ensures an optimal fit in order for the color and size to look as natural as possible. Since your permanent crown will take a few weeks to make you will leave the office after your initial visit with a temporary crown.

When your customized crown is complete you will come in for a follow up appointment. Once again you will be comfortable with a local anesthetic while the permanent crown is being placed with cement. With proper care your new crown should last 10 to 15 years or more. You can treat your crown like any other tooth, brushing and flossing it along with your natural teeth. If you have more questions or would like to set up a consultation appointment contact our office today.