<h1>Occlusal Adjustment</h1>

Occlusal Adjustment

If you are waking up to an aching jaw in the morning you may be experiencing pain associated with a misaligned bite. This can happen due to overcrowded, missing to even slightly shifted teeth. All of these conditions contribute to an uneven bite that can create problems with jaw pain. If this is the case you will likely benefit from an occlusal adjustment. The procedure is mildly uncomfortable involving some dental drilling with a fine fitting stone. The occlusal adjustment includes a customized, removable mouthpiece throughout the process in order ton keep the muscles around the jaw as relaxed as possible. The mouthpiece also serves as a protective device for the surface of your teeth during the occlusal adjustment process.

There are several reasons you might be a good candidate for an occlusal adjustment. The process is a good fir for those who tend to clench their jaw or grind their teeth at night while sleeping. This grinding and clenching can create long-term problems with the dental bite. The same is true for anyone who is dealing with loose teeth or teeth that are shifting within the mouth. Another complication is an uneven distribution within the bite, which creates undue pressure and uncomfortable symptoms. This problem is remedied by the occlusal adjustment. Another benefit patients find is that with the bite correction come relief from oversensitive teeth that had been experiencing that uneven pressure from a misaligned bite.

We have incredible new dental technology now that improves accuracy with diagnosis and treatment for problems that can be fixed by an occlusal adjustment. The latest computer technology in our office accurately registers any uneven irregularities in the dental bite. This highly accurate data gives your dentist critical information used to customize an occlusal adjustment plan intended to perfectly align your teeth and extend tooth longevity. If you feel that you can benefit from an occlusal adjustment com in for a consultation today.