<h1>Night Guards</h1>

Night Guards

Do you or someone you live with grind their teeth while sleeping? Believe it or not this is a fairly common phenomenon known as bruxism. Sometimes we will unconsciously clench our teeth during the day due to stress or merely out of habit. The problem often become worse while sleeping and can cause significant tooth damage. Additionally those with bruxism can exhibit jaw pain and gum line irritation. Since it is an unconscious condition you need to consider investing in a night guard to protect against these complications.

The grinding noise can become so intense that it disturbs the sleep of those around you, causing irritation for everyone in the home. The dental night guard is designed in a way that is very similar to the teeth protection devices used by athletes. The purpose of the night guard is to provide that protective barrier as comfortably as possible so you can sleep soundly and still protect your teeth. We custom fit these night guards for a durable, comfortable experience intended to last for ten years. The night guard is designed to ensure your breathing is not interrupted while you sleep with a perfect fit for your top and bottom teeth. This is done by a dental impression so that your night guard is perfectly matched with your bite.

You can start now to try and train yourself to stop grinding at night. One useful approach is to pay attention to your jaw during the day and loosen up whenever you notice you are clenching down on your teeth. You can also consciously choose to chew less on things out of habit such as gum or even on the end of a pen. If you are not sure whether or not you are grinding your teeth at night but you are experiencing some jaw pain please come in for a consultation. We are ready to set up an appointment for you today.