Restorative Implants

If you have experienced losing a few teeth or even just one tooth it can have a negative impact on your smile and your overall oral health. Sometime, despite our best efforts, we are faced with this problem. We want you to know that you are likely a good candidate for a dental implant. There a various types of dental implants intended to replace missing teeth in a way that naturally restores your confidence and supports healthy oral hygiene. In our office we take care of the whole restorative dental implant procedure ourselves. We love helping people do way with ill-fitting dentures due to lack of proper support. If your dentures no longer fit snugly like they should you have likely lost too much of the tissue or bone support you need for them to be useful. Are you tired of needing a crazy amount of denture adhesive gel in order to keep your teeth from falling out? If so its time for you to learn more about the lifetime benefit of dental implants. Call our office today to make a consultation appointment. You will be glad you did!