We believe in making the most of the latest in dental technology in order to bring you the best possible results. With this in mind we want to introduce you to Osstell. Osstell is a company that has developed a non-invasive tool that predicts when your jawbone is optimally stabilized for the implant placement. Osstell has accomplished this by creating the tool designed to measure what is known as ISQ or the Implant Stability Quotient. The ISQ scale is a universally implemented measurement used to determine the optimal amount of time required for the most successful and stable implant experience. Another great benefit of this tool is that we can use it to determine if the implant is not quite as stable as it needed to be after implanting. This can happen if the implant is placed too early before optimal ISQ has been achieved. For more details about this powerful tool check out this website at www.osstell.com