Bonding and White Fillings

White Fillings and Bonding

Are your teeth unsightly due to stains, cracks or gaps? If so we would love to introduce you to the cosmetic dental enhancement known as bonding. Dental bonding is a great way to dramatically improve the look of your smile; improving confidence and helping you feel your best.

Bonding is a process that involves a composite resin that is custom shaped and attached to the damaged tooth. It is placed firmly on the tooth in a permanent way with a dental adhesive gel. The perfectly shaped cosmetic improvement is designed to match your other teeth perfectly and is hardened into place with an LED light source. Once these are placed that can be polished in order to leave you with a gleaming smile meant to last a lifetime.

This type of bonding is also a great substitute for the older fillings that were made from silver amalgam. We live in an age where there have been significant dental advancements. This means that the bonding we perform now is a safer and even more affordable option that is has been in the past. This beautiful solution to any embarrassing tooth problems will last in place for at least ten years and often times longer than that. For more information about dental bonding and white fillings contact our office for a consultation appointment.