<h1>Soft Tissue Graft</h1>

Soft Tissue Graft

Are you dealing with sensitivity to hot and cold due to a receding gum line? Gingivitis can often be controlled with better oral hygiene habits related to brushing and flossing. If you have an area on your gums where there has been significant loss of gum tissue then you may need to consider the benefits of a soft tissue graft.

If you have an area of your gums that is seriously affected with permanent damage to your soft tissue you face significant risks related to serious infections. With this gum recessions comes an increase of vulnerability to damaging bacteria.

If you want to consult with our professionals about this option please consider the following information. If you are in need of a soft tissue grafting procedure the tissue can be graft from areas in your mouth. This can include the roof of your mouth or surrounding gum line areas where there is healthier tissue close to your teeth. The good news is that this procedure has been well researched and carries a very high rate of good success. This is a step you can take to avoid more invasive procedures such as periodontal surgery. For more information about the soft tissue graft and how you can benefit from the procedure contact our experts.