Have you spent too many years embarrassed by imperfections in your smile because you assumed it would be too costly and time consuming to invest in cosmetic dentistry? We are happy to tell you about veneers, which is an amazing way to reinvent your smile bringing a whole new level of confidence into your life. The veneer is thinly shaped porcelain used to cover teeth that may be stained, cracked or any other array of cosmetic issues.

The first thing you need to come is schedule a comprehensive consultation appointment where we can discuss the issues with your teeth and how you want your smile improved. Once you are satisfied with the plan for cosmetic improvements with the veneer you will begin the preparation process. Part of the process includes the need for making a detailed impression of your teeth once they have been properly prepared for the veneer placements. Preparation of the actual veneers is completed at a separate manufacturing location. The process for manufacturing your custom veneers will be completed sometime between ten days and two weeks.

In the meantime you will be able to wear a beautiful temporary cosmetic improvement while you are waiting for your veneers to be permanently bonded to your teeth. The benefit of the custom veneers is that we can match them perfectly to your smile so they will look and feel natural from the very beginning and stay intact for a lifetime. Your new smile will bring out a whole new you, contact our office today to get started.